Finding Godot EPUB

Two Turks in Provence

Gündüz Vassaf

Finding Godot: Two Turks in Provence
VLADIMIR: That passed the time.
ESTRAGON: It would have passed in any case.
VLADIMIR: Yes, but not so rapidly.
(Waiting for Godot)
I have a painter friend who lives in France. Every seven or eight years, he moves from one village to another. Artists often change place in pursuit of new colors and inspirations; not so in his case. He wasn’t pleased with the local mayor, “What a scoundrel! He and the notary public are persuading the locals to sell their homes to city people. They’ll ruin the place!” He had left his village near Paris and moved to Brittany. Eight years passed. This time it was the British. He said with all the pensioners from England moving to the area, Cancale would no longer be the same.
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