Project Regeneration EPUB

James Gabriele

Project Regeneration
The discovery of the ‘god particle’ brings a global collaboration to reproduce the particle accelerator test in space. Man’s greatest achievement creates man’s greatest nightmare, the sinister mission which unfolds may mean the last for the Discovery crew
The discovery of the ‘god particle’ brings a global collaboration to reproduce the particle accelerator test in space. The project aim is to recreate new matter, as the critical point has been realized on our planet. With unsustainable population growth figures projected, this mission for eight unsuspecting scientist is to grant ‘man’s greatest achievement’; a safe haven which will maintain life and increase the human chances of survival.
This mission led by the only volunteer and over ambitious commander Gibbs, gets complicated when testing relocates to the furthest reaches of space, surpassing the shuttle Discovery’s optimum fuel range. The launch of a survival probe only raises the concerns of the crew further, as they discover the darker truth behind the mission was to challenge their survival skills on the new planet. The complex actions of his commander causes further unrest for Captain Richards, who later recognizes that a killer droid programmed to eliminate and carry a deadly virus has been released. In an effort to protect his crew, he must overcome the nightmares that unfold, which is further confused with the landing of a prisoner ship and its unforgiving captain.
In a desperate bid to prevent additional killer droids being activated and threaten any chance of survival, the crew must face their ultimate fears and accept their fate. The odds are mounted against them as the twisted captain releases his own mission objectives to implement operation ‘human cull’. The battle of wills unfolds will cause Commander Gibbs to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the Discovery crew and the prisoners.
A misjudgment sends Captain Richards and Navigation Officer Blake off the prisoner ship with the most murderous man onboard their escape capsule. To prolong their own lives they must outwit the killer and fix the shuttle before the power levels fade completely. Their strategy had allowed the shuttle to be refueled but even so, with the perilous journey ahead there is little chance for the survivors. The governments will not accept their presence back on earth. They must execute a plan to terrorize the International space station in a desperate act to be heard by their government.
The success of the mission has not been realized, as two crew members remain behind. Tense negotiations prevent a deadly virus being released on the space station, but cause investigation into the handling and affairs of the project. The new promotion for Richards has come at a high price, as many of his crew was lost with the hidden agenda. Project regeneration will be on hold until further investigation.
science fiction, space adventure
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