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Master Plan of the Universe-Crystallographic Geometry and the "Theory of Everything: RABIA

Tamer Kutdoğa

Ancient Divine Light: Master Plan of the Universe-Crystallographic Geometry and the "Theory of Everything: RABIA
Conclusion from the book: The algorithmic geometry triangular pyramid (RABİA)
that will bring Paradise to people both on Earth and in the Hereafter.
I had been wondering, what would come out in the end when I was trying to synthesize the information I had bunched together for 56 years aiming a better World and humanity and in order to guide people for Universality, to find the secrets of the Universe, and to reach a contemporary, easy-to-understand synthesis. İn the first part of the book, contemporary knowledge about Universe, and in the second part, about humans is given. İn the third part, it is concluded that the synthesis of universe and humans is the “triangular pyramid”, İ.e. RABİA, which represents the human (İ.e. micro cosmos) and which is also the geometry of Mawlawi Dervish as per the contemporary knowledge in the previous two parts. As a result of a more comprehensive study, it was again both the “triangular pyramid” and “Double triangular pyramid” (Double RABİA), which is based on additional tables at the end of the book and is not available in contemporary literature and is the salvation algorithm of the Earth as presented in the fourth part of the book

Thus from the continent of Mu to the present, 2D sacred geometries, also given in this book, are the first time in history, were introduced as a “Double triangle pyramid” geometry. İn order to save the world from the Third World War, if we succeed in establishing a “United States of World”, we can start the Golden Age on Earth with this “double triangle pyramid” in the world flag. Where es the Golden Age will be the Red Apple that we have been seeking throughout human history and will bring us Paradise in both the world and afterlife. İn this geometry, 4 basic concepts in the corners of the triangle at the base of the upward triangular pyramid; PEACE (4), for JUSTİCE (3), MORALITY (2), for RABİAS (1) (Quadruple information) at the top of the triangle pyramid above for morality, THE FİRE İN THE CENTER OF THE WORLD at the lower corner of the triangle pyramid downwards.

However, placing in flag of the World State to be established, in the upper right corner of the flags of the world, as seen below, can be submitted to the public vote, even without the establishment of the world state. Thus, humanity is directed to ETHİC without losing, time, the main problem of our age.

The “Double triangle pyramid” that we put forward for the purpose of controlling people can also ensure that Artificial intelligence robots, which are worked on very intensively today, can be controlled by ethical programing.

Since Allah granted reasoning to man, every individual is responsible for his/her own existence, health, happiness, as well as the existence, health and happiness of other people and all living things. İf people do not bear this responsibility, they cannot survive in the world. Because the existence of every person depends on the existence of other people and creatures on Earth. Even if only bees would extinct in the world, people could no longer survive. İn İslam there is noting except the concept Allah. Thus the “Love of Allah” in Sufism is also the love of man for the divine perfection of everything in the Universe. Allah gave us a little bit of his own mind because he wanted us to live in this magnificent integrity and beauty of everything on Earth. Please let’s start using that mind before it’s too late. The five regular polyhedrons of Plato, which are the codes of the creation of the Universe, and the sixth regular polyhedron BBS (Big- bang star) tha I added may hide more surprises for us on this path.

The one who turns to Allah is decent; a decent man is Judicious; Judicious people ensure peace in the world. People who make the peace turn to Allah again. İf this chain breaks, the world will end. Regardless of the origin, religion, sect and belief, now everybody in the world can unite under the sacred geometry of peace.

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