The Sad Story of The Tower of Babel

Kenan Kolday

THE WRATH OF ANNUNAKI: The Sad Story of The Tower of Babel
Everybody somehow knows about the story of The Tower of Babel and its unfortunate destruction by God. Are you ready to hear the same story from the Sumerian God1s point of view, the Annunaki?
The Sumerian mythology made a huge impact on the Heavenly Religions after the destruction of 1st Solon`s Temple in 6th century B.C. and the Babylonian Exile that took place for 50 years afterward. After the fall of the Sumerians, their gods lived in different names in the Middle East but the story remained the same. Moreover, the return of the Jews from the Babylonian Exile to Jerusalem to build the 2nd Solomon's Temple integrated some very well known stories from Sumerian mythology to the Heavenly Religions.

The Tower of Babel is one of these, yet it is not a story only. The building and its ruins were recorded by many historians as well as Alexander The Great who attempted to rebuild it without much progress t his unexpected early death.

Here is a fiction story from my esoteric sci-fi book that tells the destruction of the Tower of Babel from the Sumerian God`s point of view, Enki.
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