Emre Gündoğan

NLP for life.You will overcome the problems with NLP.
The Neuro and Linguistic sections are dynamic sections. Programming is synergistic.
Neuro Linguistic Programming is a model that improves your activities by:

Neuro: It's about your thinking process. It is about how you understand what is going on around you by using your senses of sight, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling.

Linguistic: It is about the way you use your language. It's about how words and phrases you use affect you and your circles.

Programming: It is about your behaviors. It is about how you organize your thoughts, ideas and actions.These have unpredictable and unpredictable consequences. Your way of thinking determines the languages and concepts you use in and out of you. They ultimately affect your behavior. It is a dynamic and synergistic process. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. a change in one of the pieces in and out of you will affect the whole
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