I'm Bosnia EPUB

F.H. Derya

I'm Bosnia
Philosopher, Soren Abye Kierkegaard and a philosophy student from Bosnia studying in Copenhagen.
Questions, sorrowful flashbacks,love and existensialism.Trying to find an answer to Who am I?

Tarık is a philosophy student from Bosnia.He admires Danish Philosopher Soren Abye Kierkegaard.
And therefore he comes to Copenhagen to study on philosophy.But he realizes that Kierkegaard is also alone like himself. Tarık always questions his identity and origin.His sorrowful memories are always with him.
One day,he meets a lady named Gerjanne who is from Netherlands.
Netherlands has a bad fame for Tarık in his life.
Will Tarık exist again through love,philosophy,religion and his sad memories? Or will he choose another way for himself?

18.10 TRY
Soren Abye Kierkegaard,philosophy,religion,Bosnia,existentialism,war torn
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